Custom Printed Fabric

We partnered with a textile company that can produce and deliver custom designed fabric to your door!

This wonderful service is for those of us who like to create without bounds.  You can upload or create your own pattern online, or choose patterns from other designers like yourself. Yes, you can even earn royalties on the patterns you create or keep them in your private

We presently have 25 high-quality fabrics to choose from.  Pricing is comparible to most fabric stores and there is no minimum order amount. Remarkably, the whole process (manufacturing to delivery) is only two weeks


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Custom Printed Fabric

Back To School Book Covers!

It’s that time of year again, time for back to school! Textbooks can get expensive, so why not make your own book covers to keep them in tip top shape! Create your own custom fabric with our creator tool to keep all your subjects straight! Once your fabric is created and sent to your door, follow along with our tutorial to learn to sew it up!
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