How to add metallic to a pattern that does not call for it.


During our June 14th Sit N Stitch, Misty fell in love with one of the patterns I highlighted, Wings by Kustom Kraft.  This pattern is fully stitched, top to bottom.

As we were looking more closely at the pattern, we found some elements that Misty didn’t like, and then that turned into a complete color / adding metallic.

So here is how we did it: first we pulled all of the colors that the pattern calls for and lined them up from similar colors, then from light to dark.  This helps, whether you are changing colors or making them metallic. It helps you in choosing the right tone of color.

So as we were changing the yellows to golds, we decided that adding some sparkle to this pattern would be amazing. Then it just got out of hand from there. Haha!

Once we had all of the floss colors laid out, it was just a matter of pulling metallics that we thought would look good in place of the floss. It was just a matter of choosing what colors to do in floss and what colors to do in metallic.

This is just one example of how to add metallic to a pattern. We will do another video in the next couple of weeks of how to change colors on a pattern.

Enjoy & Happy Stitching -- Donnett


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