How to Change Colors on a Cross Stitch Pattern

How to change colors on a pattern.


I like to start with the fabric, deciding what fabric to stitch her on will help you determine what color family to choose. You can however go backwards. Choose some amazing floss colors then find a fabric that works with them.

Hollie Choose 28 Count Babbling Brook

As always I pull all of the floss colors that the pattern calls for. Then I break them up in to families. Like all of her skin, her hair, the bodice of her dress, the rest of her dress. In to little color sections.

Chaining hair color is one of the most common changes made to cross stitch patterns. If you are stitching the pattern for someone specific you may want it to match it to that person. So changing this lady from brunette to blonde is an simple color change.

Line up the original colors in light, medium and dark format. This will make it easier for you to line up the new colors you want. We even pulled the dark color from the original color family and worked off of that lighten up as we went.

The best thing about DMC they have done half of our color matching for us. Look at the DMC color card and you will see they have sorted all the floss by color families. Each color small family has a light. Medium and dark. They may have may shades between the lightest and the darkest or simply 3 in the family. The DMC Color Card is a must have for any stitcher who wants to change colors on any pattern.

We made some changes to the beads we will be using. The best things about beads is you don't have to worry about them till the very end. Then once she is fully stitched and you see her in the new color palette you can choose the beads that will work with it.

And that is color changing. Its so easy, DMC has done half your work for you. Make sure your color tones are in the right family. And the same amount you have have only 3 shades when the pattern calls for 6.

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Enjoy & Happy Stitching - Donnett

Donnett H.

If you want to to to a true blue color I think 820, 797 and 799. Pull those and let me know what you think.

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Elaine G.

I am trying to convert green color tones to blue color tones. The pattern calls for DMC 319, 367 and 368. Which blue color tones should I use instead?

Thank you for any assistance you can give me.

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