March 7th 2018 Sit N Stitch

Zucca by Alessandra Adelaide (Stitched by Phyllis) 

So what is frogging? Frogging is the act of having to undo all the prior stitches due to an error or mistake of some sort. You know, "Rip it Rip it".

Gingerbread Quilt Shop by Victoria Sampler (Stitched by Corinne)

Marigold by Nora Corbett (Stitched by Corinne)

Be your own kind of Beautiful by Lizzie Kate (Stitched by Christina)

Beautiful Flower (Stitched by Debbie)

Gingerbread Haunted House by Victoria Sampler (Stitched by Sara)

Peace And Candy Canes by Sue Hillis Designs (Stitched by Angel)

Casa Cenina, "Wherefore Art Thou?" by Nora Corbett (Stitched by Misty)

Gingerbread Candy Cane Cottage by Victoria Sampler (Stitched by Janice)

Gather Your Dreams by Joan Elliott (Stitched by Janice)

Gingerbread Bakery by Victoria Sampler (Stitched by Melinda)

Spotlight Video Featuring Brooke's Books Fairy Tale Gown Collection

Spotlight Video Featuring The  Mill Hill Jim Shore Chick Kits

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Nancy S.

Thank you for the answer.

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Nancy S.

Is it possible to un-sewn crystals beads from embroidered cloths? I have a dress which contain a crystal beads but it is not sewn properly it does not give good look. And most important thing i don't want that dress to look awkward after removing beads.

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Donnett H.

Well without seeing the dress.. the basic answer is yes you can unpick the beads off of the dress. I would recommend doing it with small, sharp scissors, take your time and go slow. Just to make sure you don't cut the fabric of the dress its self. Even after doing this the cloth is going to look like something was taken off cause it was. So you will need to either drape something over it or sew the bead back on in the proper way.

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