August 30th Sit N Stitch


Bethlehem Silhouettes II by Stoney Creek (Stitched by Phyllis)

Autumn Cottage Boxer Cross Stitch Kit (Stitched by Corinne)

Santa Portrait Trio - Redwork Embroidery Pattern

Santa Ornament - 2003 Christmas Ornaments Magazine (Stitched by Angel)

Dragonfly Fairy by Joan Elliott (Stitched by Sara)

"Trick or Treat" by Stoney Creek (Stitched by Carrie) Featuring Glow in the Dark

Welcome Each New Day by Dimensions (Stitched by Amy)

Gather Your Dreams by Joan Elliott (Stitched by Janice)

*** Finished***

Spiritdancer by Butternut Road (Stitched by Janice)

Beware by Turquoise Graphics & Design (Stitched by Donnett) **Now available in a Kit***

DMC Floss Color Chart

With actual thread strands. DMC offers a wide variety of embroidery floss colors to choose from! This color card is made with actual strands of the 454 solid and 18 variegated DMC Six-Strand Embroidery Floss colors. Includes notations for Pearl Cotton in Sizes 3, 5, 8 and 12.


Andromeda by Mirabilia

Donnett's Andromeda

Misty's Andromeda

NEW Lady of Mystery Cross Stitch Pattern by Mirabilia

Which Fabric should we choose??? Nessie, Silver Sage or Mixed Berry?


Brooks Books Fairy Tale Princess Collection 




The Frog Princess

Snow White


A quick run down of everyone’s portable sewing totes. Whats in your sewing box???

Needle Case, Dololly / Star DeTailer / Fiber Hider,  Uncle Bills Tweezers,  Floss Box,  Tacky Bob,  Needles,  Gadget Pouch,  Folding Scissors,  Magnet Wand (to find hidden needles),  Scroll Frame Tape,  Needlebook,  Highlighter Tape,  Thread Heaven,  Needle Magnet,  Hoop,  Bobbins,  Frixion Pen (its erasable),  Tissues,  Tape measure,  Thimble Its,  Counting Pins,  Fray Stop,  Finger Nail Clippers,  Emery Board,  Highlighter,  Ort Bag (What is a Ort? ort ôrt/ noun a scrap or remainder of food from a meal. Or in our case a remainder of thread.)  Pocket Guide Embroidery,  Magnet Board to hold pattern,  Project Pouch.

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