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Value Scroll Frame No Basting
Value Scroll Frame 6” x 12” No Basting
Value Scroll Frame 6” x 12” No Basting
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Value Scroll Frames come in select sizes to fit your needs. Extender Bars are crafted from solid hardwood, are thinner and lighter than our standard version and are unfinished.

Set Includes:

  • Extender Bar 6” (set of 2)
  • Scroll Rod 12” Regular (1/2” diameter) with No Basting System (set of 2)
  • One roll of No Basting System (Velcro®) – 24"
  • Wing Nuts (set of 4)

NOTE: Scroll Rod length pertains to the wooden dowel rod and does not include the metal hangar bolts. Extender Bar length pertains to the actual measurement between the top and the bottom scroll rod holes (distance between Scroll Rods).

Also available in Webbing version. Click here

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